hey all

I just have some problems in some days… yeah, now it’s already solved…

you know, I have a boyfriend. he’s so lovely 😀

there are two girls who made me got angry… they gave too much attention to my boy, I think…

it’s on my friend sweet17 birthday. my boyfriend and I were on the way to the party. and I opened my boyfriend’s inbox. he knew it. and I often did that in front of him. I saw many messages from the girl. let’s call her X. I opened the messages one by one. and all of it just made me upset. X looks like a slut. X knew that my boy was in a relationship with me, but she still gave too much attention. and I thought that it was just too overacted. from her talking style, I knew X is coquettish…

after saw all of the messages from X and my boy’s answers, I sent a messages to her (by my boy’s phone),

it said like this (actually in Indonesian) :  “please, don’t be like a rube person + don’t be overacted”,

X replied : “what?”

me : “it’s (my boy name)’s girlfriend”

X : “oh. why?”

me : “I don’t like”

X : “wee. ok. sorry”

–> just like that…

after that, my boy told me that X never disturb him again…

I’m not prohibit him for texting, chatting, or posting facebook wall with girls. I just want him not too responding their attention. I don’t want if he spoiled them (yeah of course, cause they’re not my boy’s family, and he’s my boyfriend). hm, I think, every girlfriend in this huge world, doesn’t want if the other girls giving too much attention for her boyfriend, or those other girls being coquettish and want to be spoiled by her boyfriend.

and here, I just want any other girls to not being coquettish to my boyfriend, and please respect me as his girlfriend…


the second problem

my boyfriend got a friend, and he regard her as his foster younger sister. i felt that i don’t like her since the first time i had known her. when my boy told her to pick acquaintance with me, she didn’t want it. and she never add me as her friend in facebook. i hate that!!! when she didn’t want to acquainted, i just thought that she might be shy…  but to add me as her facebook friend and she didn’t want it too??? please dear… she didn’t want to be friend with her foster bro’s girlfriend…

she also didn’t respect me as her foster bro’s girlfriend. her attitude, i didn’t like it at all.

I thought, if she regard my boy as her foster brother, she should respect me like a sister respect her bro’s closest person. and I also thought that every sister wanna making friend with her sibling’s closest person. but she didn’t.

you know, my boy and this girl making a conversation by facebook wallpost. and of course I could see their conversation. I know if she or he regarding each other as sibling. but it’s too far and it has made me think that she wanted her relationship with my boy “more than a foster bro/sis”. yeah, like she wanted my boy to broke up with me then in a relationship with her. hm, okay, maybe I’m overacted in this, but that’s what I’ve felt.

I’ve commented on one of the wallpost (from her to my boy). and she replied my comment. but the sentences are blazing with anger. isn’t it weird? it must be me who angry, but it’s her.

then I saw my boy’s facebook messages with her, she said to my boy that she didn’t wrong. and she said that I’m lucky in that time, cause she didn’t in the mood to be angry, if not, she would being rude to me. OH MY GOD!!! what the …????? so, why didn’t she do it, huh??? I would happily face her !

he asked his TRUE older sister, and his bestfriend about this problem… and by his information, he told me that both of them said that I’m true… I didn’t do the wrong thing… and I’ve asked some of my bestfriends, and they told me that if they were in my position, they would did the SAME thing (like what I’ve done)…

hm… that’s all… at the end, I just wanna tell you all this “if your closest person, or bestfriend has a gf/bf, please be respect to their relationship. and please don’t be overacted and give too much attention to one of them (from girl to boy, or boy to girl). cause if you do that, it would broke someone’s relationship. and for anyone who had a relationship with anyone else, please trust your partner, and talk to him/her gently to solve your problem. don’t break her/his trust to you”