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I’m lost

I really really and really miss you, no words could express it.

Hope you know my thoughts, my feelings, and my worries.

Hope you know that I want it to be the last fight. COULD IT BE???


again (?)

have you ever felt this BAD situation?? I felt hurt so many times, and yeahh I know that I also hurt people so many times… but, I hurt other people because of my past life, I wanted to revenge, but my way to revenge was totally wrong… NOW, I’ve already changed. I’m not like that anymore.

it’s really hurt to be hurt by the people that you really love

I didn’t mean to force him to do anything that I want… hm, maybe glance, looked like I’m forcing… but actually, I did it because I have some clear reasons. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH, TOO BIG TO BE EXPLAINED BY WORDS, so I wanted him to pay attention to my advices. I didn’t want him to be sick, I didn’t want he receiving bad scores, I didn’t want him to be sin sin and sin, I WANT HIM to become a MATURE PERSON.

“Don’t care about anyone else said about you now, but care about what anyone else would said about you in the future. Care about what you need to prepare your future life. Just care about being a better person, a good person, a smart person, a meaningful person, and try to serve the best for God„

God has given the time for you… so, use it as well as you can, use it well as you still can change your attitude, use it well… Use the time to do something good, something that God loves, something that God wants you to do…

BE the LIGHT !!!

I’ve told to broke up with him if the condition’s like this. Because I’ve too often fought with him. But, I’m too afraid to broke up. I don’t have strength to face it. I’m too in love with him, it just too big…

I love him so much, so I care about his life, so that I care about what he did, I care about his school life, his family life, I care everything about him, even the smallest things about him… if I didn’t love him, why I must care about anything that came from him??? if I didn’t love him, why I must care about his life??? why I must regret or mad??? that’s all because I love him so much…